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Keeping It REAL

Hardwood flooring is arguably the most timeless and aspirational flooring product available. Many people ask me why it is so popular. Here are just a few good reasons why hardwoods are the answer for your home.

First and foremost, hardwood flooring is real. After all, have you ever seen a good toupee? Sure, there are some good ones, but you still know it’s a toupee. The same holds true for hardwood flooring. Fake wood always reveals itself as fake in the end.

Wood has the best life cycle of any floor covering. It is renewable and sequesters carbon. Other products are made of oil or other materials and do nothing to help aid the environment. And most real wood floors are made right here in the USA or our closest neighbor, Canada. You won’t find too many LVP floors in a 100-year-old stately manor. Wood has survived that long and longer in many of the old homes.

What about the waterproof flooring? Wouldn’t that be a better option? Well, guess what happens when water filters underneath the floor? When your OSB sub-floor gets wet, and the water is trapped, how do you address the mold that can form on the OSB? Rather than the cheaper products, there are now real wood pre-finished flooring options available with water resistance that is sufficient for most situations.

Real wood floors add value to your home – now and in the future. The “fake” floors can trend out and make the home look dated after about 10-15 years. How many old homes have you been sporting 100-year-old laminate? What you do find in those old homes is hardwood because of its timeless beauty and durability. You can expect a return on investment up to 2.5%, depending on your location. Your floor does contribute considerably towards itself through the increase in value created by the desirability of hardwood flooring.

Be sure and talk with your contractor about the materials that are best for your home and location. Species natural to your area are the best choice as they are already acclimated to the type of climate where you live. Exotic woods are a risk, especially in more arid locations, as most exotic woods are grown in a high humidity environment. Your contractor can help you determine what materials are best for your home.

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